PSP Beginner Class
Lesson 10
Creating an Image with Slats!

Please Click Here to get the items you will need to do this tut.

NOTE.. Instructions are for ALL VERSIONS..... Unless CLEARLY Stated

We are going to learn how to make a tag with slats so here we go...

Please save the slat tube in your tubes folder. I will also include a few extra picture tubes for the other part of the tag we will do. I am adding several so you all can pick and choose.

Open a new work area 300 x 300 pixels ..transparent.

Go to the tubes folder and find slats2 and place it in the space. I scaled mine to 60% because I don't want it to be huge. Now go to your magic wand (see the screenshots below, for the version you are using)


and make sure that FEATHER is set to 0 (zero) OR

PSP 8 & 9 (click on the tiny triangle as shown .. Wand is there)

Make sure that the setting for FEATHER is set to 0 (Zero)


Now click on the background blank space (Not on the slats). You will notice "marching ants" everywhere... Please go to SELECTIONS.. INVERT

and now it will bring the ants to just around the slats. Now we need to fill them in. So go to the flood fill button

Make sure the Match mode is set to NONE.. (again, see the correct screenshot for your version)


PSP 8 & 9 and pic a cool color. I think gradients work best here...


Click on the tiny triangle at the side.. (see red arrow) and then the options will appear.(the blue shows the gradient option ).. . You will then get a box up that lets you choose some gradients from a drop down view window

PSP 8 & 9 You need to click on the tiny black triangle in the corner.. shown here .. then you will see this and the red arrow points to the GRADIENT option . Click on this and you will get a window with drop down options to choose a gradient.


Once you have your color picked, click on the black part of your Slats. ... any black part will do.. it will fill it all in. Now your Slats should look something like this.

Now go to INNER BEVEL and play around until you find something you like..... Once you're done there.. right click on the pic so the ants go away. Now open a new layer... layers.. new raster layer..100%opacity and then back to your tubes and find a cute pic you want to "trim" your slats with. Like I said I have included quite a few to pick from, or use your own if you have a favorite. When you find one you like place it on a corner. Here is what I went with

When you have it where you want it, add another layer, and then add your name to it.

If you want to get really creative .. Remember when we did text on a path?.. Well you can use it here inside the slats to follow the curve. Add any effect you want to on the text.

Also.. don't forget your watermark.. YOU made this tag right? LOL

Then you will want to save it as a transparent gif. File.. export.. gif optimazation but remember before you save it... get that background color close to your pic... it saves the funny bleed effect.

in PSP 7 OR in PSP 8 and 9

Here is mine....